Our Story

We are Mike and Lori Casteel, from Nashville, Tennessee. We are music industry veterans of 30+ years, and have been privileged to work with artists such as Sting, Aretha Franklin, Panic! At the Disco, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Amy Grant, and a host of others. We’ve worked on films such as In the Heights and The Greatest Showman, and on Broadway stages with Sting’s The Last Ship, and Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. It’s been a rewarding journey and career that has taken us to Prague, London, New York, Los Angeles and cities in between.

But that’s not why we’re here. We have two fantastic children, one of whom plays hockey. So we know the smell of success in hockey first hand. One evening, with a group of friends, we were lamenting the smell of our son’s hockey bag and a friend from Canada said, “You need hockey laundry.” We said, “What the heck is hockey laundry?”  He proceeded to describe a service that cleaned his gear when he was a kid playing the sport he loved.

We began to research, and realized we could help families like us. There’s no way to stop the sweat and moisture that collects on sports gear while in use. But left unchecked, it produces bacteria which lets us all know it’s there by the odor it produces.

So we contacted the experts at Sani-Sport – makers of the machine used by 

NHL and NFL teams to sanitize professional gear – and we purchased a machine. We decided the best way to deliver this service was with a MOBILE service, so we purchased a vehicle to house our Sani-Sport.

Then, we sent our son to a stick and puck. We brought his stinky, bacteria laden gear home and cleaned it in our new Sani-Sport. We were impressed with the results – decreased odor, and the confidence that all existing bacteria was 99% eradicated. But the real test was a few weeks later. We all know we can air out the equipment and those smells have a way of coming back.

But after another stick and puck, which produced the same wet gear, there was almost no odor. We cleaned his gear, added a step to help in the drying process, and we were thrilled that the odor we all know requires us to roll down the windows even if it’s 10 degrees outside was 99% gone.

And so, we’re super excited to embark on this journey and bring a new and much needed service to Middle Tennessee. TrŪVŌ™ Sports Laundry uses UV and Ozone to sanitize everything from helmets to pads to gloves to skates and cleats. And we will come to you – your home, school or practice facility – to make it convenient to keep your athlete’s gear bacteria free, and help reduce the odor that occurs. We look forward to seeing you at the rink, or the field, and we will be cheering on your athletes as they play hard and play clean.

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